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Laser Treatment for Spider Veins

Laser Treatment for Spider Veins | Vascular Surgeons Lake Norman | Vein Disease Treatment Mooresville

Spider veins area a common problem for both men and women. Those networks of red and blue lines commonly develop on the lower legs, but can also appear on the thighs, stomach and face. While spider veins are rarely more than a cosmetic concern, they can lead to serious embarrassment and lack of self-confidence when

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Spider Veins: Facts vs. Fiction

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Spider veins or telangiectasia are networks of red or blue lines that frequently appear on the legs and make you self-conscious about wearing shorts or bathing suits. They may be large or small, and often resemble a spider’s web – hence the name. Spider veins are a relatively common occurrence among adults, affecting at least

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What is Restless Leg Syndrome?

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Restless leg syndrome or RLS is a chronic condition characterized by uncomfortable leg sensations and an overwhelming desire to move the legs. The condition typically worsens at night and can significantly interfere with the patient’s ability to sleep. RLS is categorized as a nervous system disorder, but studies have indicated a strong correlation between RLS

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Vein Treatment Options with Little or No Downtime

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Spider and varicose veins are a common cosmetic concern that can also cause uncomfortable symptoms like leg heaviness, cramping and swelling. In the past, treatments to eliminate this problem involved invasive surgery, pain and an extended recovery period. Today, surgical procedures have been replaced with minimally-invasive procedures that offer superb results without a major disruption

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