Liquid Sclerotherapy Mooresville, NC

Previously, we’ve discussed a new treatment approved by the FDA called foam sclerotherapy. However, the primary varicose and spider vein treatment is liquid sclerotherapy, and it is considered a procedural staple for vein care at Carolina Vein Associates. Known for its dazzling results, patients can see the change in their spider veins in an instant as soon as liquid sclerotherapy treatment occurs. For the treatment of spider veins, liquid sclerotherapy destroys the vein so you can achieve smooth skin without bothersome purple and red veins marring your complexion.

One Treatment With Foam Sclerotherapy Offers Clear Skin

As a minimally invasive vein treatment option, liquid sclerotherapy works by delivering injections of a specific inflammatory medication within the affected veins. To do these injections, no anesthetic is needed since the procedure is virtually painless throughout. Your vein doctor will map out each superficial spider vein, mainly within the legs, and begin to inject sclerosant into each web of the vein. As soon as the sclerosing liquid comes into contact with the internal layers or lumen of the vein, the walls become sticky and react by closing around the irritated vein. The newly treated vein then forms scar tissue just below the surface of the skin as you can see it working after treatment with brief and light redness, inflammation and swelling.

Sclerotherapy causes the veins to create an inflammatory response that sends signals to the body that repair mechanisms are needed to target the tissue and deconstruct the vein. Destruction of these spider veins is natural and happens gradually as the necessary metabolic factors absorb the vein into healthy tissue. Treating these veins is the best choice for your skin so that further branches in a cluster of spider veins do not develop in the future.

Treat Vein Conditions With A Skilled Physician

Sclerosing agents used in liquid sclerotherapy include Asclera, Scleramate, Ethamolin and salt water combinations. Salt water causes rapid absorption of water into the vein which produces a similar reaction as chemical agents but will depend on which formula is used in your unique case. These injections should only always be performed by an expert vein care specialist such as those trained by Carolina Vein Associates; these injections require meticulous attention to detail to treat each vein and remove them for good.

Long lasting results depend entirely on the technique of injection, and most patients only need one set of injections in each problem area. After a couple of weeks, you should see complete absorption of these veins and their branching feeder veins. However, if many veins persist in the area a second set of liquid sclerotherapy injections should fix the problem. While one set of injections works for most patients you may need additional, but this is normal and based on individual needs.

During your diagnostic venous exam, your doctor will show you which veins are primed for our liquid sclerotherapy treatment. In addition to liquid sclerotherapy, you have options for vein care here. Since most patients have vein conditions varying in size and shape, another treatment may be best suited. Call Carolina Vein Associates to reduce your spider veins with liquid sclerotherapy and see the results right before your eyes today at (704) 684-4511.