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Treating Vascular Lesion with Dornier FlexiPulse Surface Laser

Superficial vascular lesions such as varicose, spider and reticular veins are most appropriately treated with laser therapy. The Dornier FlexiPulse Laser is a surface laser and the primary device we use to treat cosmetic vein conditions at Carolina Vein Associates. This laser is effective in treating the following conditions:

  • Redness
  • Flushing
  • Blushing
  • Rosacea symptoms
  • Red pigmented scars
  • Broken capillaries
  • Spider veins

Common areas we see redness and burst capillaries are at the edges of the nose, mouth, cheeks, and chin. For patients that are not particularly fond of needle driven treatments such as our foam sclerotherapy and liquid sclerotherapy procedures this method works quickly and is in most cases instant. Vascular lasers are focused on wavelengths of thermal energy at 940 nm, that can move through the surface layers of the skin and act on difficult veins. You will be required to wear protective glasses or goggles if we treat the facial area to remove broken capillaries.

Many of our patients ask about skin protection and whether or not heat can damage the tissues, and we inform every patient interested in surface laser that the skin is left unaffected. Surface laser treatments are safe and only work within the target veins to coagulate the blood and produce an inflammatory response so the body can absorb the scar tissue produced. In addition to gentle heat application and protecting your skin cells, this diode laser is effective on darker skin pigments as well. Diode laser sessions are comfortable since there is a cooling sensation delivered at the same time heat energy works on the vessel.

Aftercare and Results

After the initial 48 hours after surface laser treatment, the skin over the treated veins will look slightly red, purple, or bruised. Sometimes the treated veins will be more visible than they were prior to laser application. This is a completely normal reaction as the necessary inflammatory response occurs within veins to close them from blood flow. Within the first two to three weeks, the redness and purple color will begin to fade. Each week, the color will become lighter, and the veins will become less noticeable. After a two to four week period, if any veins are still visible, another laser vein removal treatment will be necessary. Your vein care specialist will let you know if another treatment is needed based on the initial consultation and surface area these veins occupy.

Treatment with the surface diode laser on the legs recommends compression stockings for healing purposes. Accurate compression can support healing veins as blood is rerouted to deeper veins. Should you need to purchase compression wear, your physician will prescribe the correct size and style. Compression garments can be improperly used and cause damage to the skin and treated vessels if worn without proper instruction and purchased without a prescription. We also recommend sunscreen on the face and exposed areas to protect the skin from potential sun damage.

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