Ambulatory Microphlebectomy Mooresville, NC

Venous insufficiency begins with stressed veins, unable to control the flow of highly pressurized blood based on leaking one-way valves. In healthy veins, your blood circulates from the body to your heart without any obstacle. So how do veins become stressed? There are many well-researched causes for vein insufficiency including weight gain, your genes, activity levels, and your age. Aging can affect more than you realize as the tissues in your body become weaker with every passing year and veins are prone to this issue as well. Reduced mobility and pressure from weight gain are the most common in younger patients since the blood must move up the body in the veins.

Vein walls resemble elastic bands in the sense that they expand and snap back once blood has moved through each section. It’s common to experience pressure in the vein, but when the pressure is constant and unrelenting as with weight gain, veins become weak. Varicose and spider veins are the results of venous insufficiency, which are treated by extracting portions of the affected veins. For many patients, varicose veins become painful and inhibit movement, only adding to the pressure imbalance in the legs. To reduce discomfort from varicose veins and improve your circulation, we recommend ambulatory microphlebectomy as a minimally invasive vein treatment.

Ambulatory Microphlebectomy Explained

Ambulatory microphlebectomy is an outpatient procedure that removes those bulging, painful veins and allows you to resume your normal routines immediately after treatment. The ambulatory microphlebectomy procedure is usually performed on larger, superficial veins, but can also be used to treat smaller veins in many patients. Ambulatory microphlebectomy is a micro-extraction procedure, which allows for the removal of large surface varicosities through tiny incisions that need no stitches. We often describe these incisions as no larger than a pencil tip or ballpoint pen.

Discomfort following the ambulatory microphlebectomy procedure is minimal and treated with mild or over-the-counter pain relievers. Some minimal bruising and swelling at the micro-incision site or treatment area are common. Compression stockings can reduce these side effects. Compression garments often are the first recommendation for natural healing in vein therapy especially after vein removal, since the body may require assistance rerouting blood to healthy veins. The ambulatory microphlebectomy is not a painful procedure, while topical or local anesthetic can be used upon request. At Carolina Vein Associates, our patients may stand, walk and return to work on the day following the procedure; high impact activity is reduced for two to three weeks based on the specifics of your procedure and as directed.

The Benefits of Ambulatory Microphlebectomy:

  • Quick treatment
  • No laser heat energy
  • Office procedure
  • Minimally invasive punctures
  • Local anesthesia only
  • Stitches not required
  • No downtime
  • Excellent cosmetic results

To address venous insufficiency, the reduction of faulty veins can improve blood movement in the limbs. Ambulatory phlebectomy is safe and highly effective in balancing circulatory fitness for an improved way of life. Carolina Vein Associates in North Carolina is the premier ambulatory microphlebectomy treatment center helping patients from around Mooresville, Lake Norman and Charlotte, even as far as Satesville, Raleigh, and Cornelius. Call today to schedule your free consultation for ambulatory microphlebectomy at (704) 684-4511.