Why Us?

Our years in the ER have given us the experience of caring for very sick and injured patients, including those with complex medical problems. Like most physicians attracted to Emergency Medicine, we enjoy procedures and find that many of the skills we have honed in the ER translate to the practice of Phlebology. With this skill set already in place, we have been working hard to increase our knowledge with the most up-to-date science and philosophy of modern day vein care. We have sought out some of the leaders in this field and spent time learning from them. Steve has trained with Ron Bush, MD at his facility in Florida, and Todd has been to Arizona and spent time with Nick Morrison, MD at the Morrison Vein Institute. As members of the American College of Phlebology we have enthusiastically pursued training at conferences and educational events designed to broaden the horizons of new and seasoned Phlebologists.

With over 30% of the population having some form of Vein Disease, including 50% of the population over 50, there are far more people with problems related to veins than there are specialists dedicated to the comprehensive care and treatment of Vein Disease. Our mission is to provide the highest quality, state of the art comprehensive Vein Care in an environment that reflects that commitment. We recognize that there are several quality providers of Vein Care available in the area, and Carolina Vein Associates is not in competition with them. We are competing against a relentless and unforgiving Vein Disease that has a lot to do with heredity, and a little to do with lifestyle, and we strive to partner with patients to find solutions and treatments that are successful for them.