Why Veins?

Several years ago we were introduced to Phlebology, the study and practice of Vein Disease. We were interested in the technological developments that had occurred since we first learned about veins during medical school. What formerly was a surgical procedure and several day hospitalization followed by a six week recovery, has evolved to become a 30 minute office procedure with a return to work the following day. In addition, the success rates are better than 90%, but more importantly, patients who have received treatment we have found to be some of the most gratified patients we have ever interacted with. Here was an area where we could truly make a difference and help people on a consistent day to day basis. Exposure to the area of Phlebology led us to spend the next 2 years learning as much as we could about Vein Disease and how best to care for patients with problems related to superficial vein disease, venous insufficiency, and cosmetic or visible vein concerns.